Frequently Asked Questions

Revolution Laundry, concept and values

What is Revolution Laundry?
Revolution Laundry is the brand name for the laundromat division of the ME Group (formerly the Photo-Me Group). The group was founded in 1958 and is based near London. The ME Group is recognised as a world leader in the vending industry.
What is a Revolution laundromat kiosk?
A Revolution Laundry laundromat is a compact module of self-service laundry and drying equipment, also called a laundromat or coin launderette. Revolution Laundries feature high-capacity professional washers and dryers, a detergent and fabric softener metering system, a pay station and a customer shelter.
Where are Revolution laundromats designed?
Revolution laundromats are designed near Grenoble, in our 15,000 m2 KIS French R&D centre. More than 100 men and women share the strategic and technical skills needed to design Revolution Laundry laundromats.
What is Revolution Laundry’s position in the laundromat market?
The Revolution Laundry concept is the only ready-to-use mass production laundromat. Indeed, with over 5,000 laundromats installed, Revolution Laundry is the largest self-service laundromat operator in Europe and is one of the world leaders.
Where are Revolution Laundry laundromats located?
Our laundromats are installed on a permanent basis in the car parks of supermarkets, shopping malls, petrol stations, campsites, etc., and are also installed temporarily during festivals, at long-term work sites, at tourist sites, etc.
What are Revolution Laundry’s references?
In France and Europe, all the major players in the retail sector (Carrefour, Tesco, Cora, Morrisons, E.Leclerc, etc.) as well as oil companies (Delhaize, Shell, Topaz, Texaco, etc.) have chosen Revolution Laundry to offer their customers a different, value-generating service.
How do I find my nearest Revolution laundromat?
Your customers can find their nearest Revolution Laundry laundromat using the store locator on our website.
Are Revolution Laundry laundromats accessible to all?
Accessibility for people with reduced mobility has been taken into account from the very beginning of the design of the laundromats. All the machines and control panels are at the regulatory height, thus reconciling aesthetics, design and standards for people of reduced height or in wheelchairs.

Join the Revolution Laundry adventure

Why buy a laundromat kiosk?
There are many advantages to owning a Revolution Laundry laundromat. They allow you to offer your customers an essential, yet highly innovative, value added service. With laundromat solutions, every square metre of floor space will be exploited. Laundromats will allow you to attract additional customer flow and increase time spent in-store. Are you looking for a solution to attract new prospects and retain your existing customers? Choose to install a laundromat in your supermarket or petrol station car park or campsite! Revolution Laundry is a way to improve customer satisfaction by allowing them to optimize their time and travel via professional machines.
Why will your customers use your Revolution Laundry laundromat?
Revolution Laundry will appeal to your customers with its many benefits:- Large-capacity machines, ideal for washing large items- Fast cycles with all-inclusive service at affordable prices- Ideal location with plentiful parking- SMS alert at the end of the wash cycle (optional)- Multiple payment methods (cash, bank card, contactless bank card).
Can I get into the laundromat business without prior experience?
Do you have no experience in operating a laundromat? No problem: we will support you throughout the entire process. Depending on the contract, we will handle the installation, commissioning, weekly maintenance, customer hotline, etc. The solution is turnkey.
Can I buy a Revolution Laundry laundromat?
Yes, you can purchase one of our Revolution Laundry laundromat models. Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form and let us know about your project.
Is it possible to set up a Revolution Laundry kiosk abroad?
Yes, you can set up a laundromat outside France. We have sales teams all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form and let us know what you need.”>
What are the Business Models for Revolution Laundry?
By choosing Revolution Laundry, you are making a decision to join the world’s leading outdoor laundry company.We offer several business models to optimise your investment: operation, rental or purchase.Depending on the type of machine, they allow a constant return on investment adapted to the market.For more information, please contact our sales department via the contact form.”>
Can I purchase a custom Revolution Laundry kiosk?
Yes, it is possible to personalise your laundromat with the colours of your brand.Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form and let us know what you need.”>

Installation and maintenance

Where should I set up my Revolution Laundry?
Location is key to getting the word out about the laundromat kiosk and attracting traffic to your sales area.Outdoors, a visible location near the entrance with secure pedestrian access is preferred.
Can I install a Revolution Laundry laundromat indoors?
Yes, you can choose the indoor solution from our range: the Revolution Laundry Twin S.
What is the best location to install a Revolution Laundry laundromat inside a shop or a shopping mall?
When indoors, the best places to install a Revolution Laundry are: the entrance, in the shopping mall, in the underground parking.
Can I install a Revolution Laundry laundromat outdoors?
Yes, you can use the Compact laundromat kiosk for outdoor installation.
What works must be planned for the installation of a Revolution laundromat?
Whether indoors or outdoors, it is important to plan ahead to connect your laundromat to the electricity, water and wastewater networks through VRD works (roads & utility services) (piping, drains, fittings and traffic works).
Who is in charge of installing the Revolution Laundry laundromats?
Our experienced technicians handle the installation and commissioning of your Revolution Laundry kiosk.
How long does it take to install a Revolution Laundry laundromat?
On an average, it takes one morning to install our kiosks and it requires the intervention of two of our technicians.
Are the Revolution Laundry laundromats powered by gas or electricity?
All of our Revolution kiosks, both indoor and outdoor, are powered by electricity. The latest versions of our laundromats are equipped with solar panels on the roof to allow:
How often are Revolution Laundry laundromats serviced?
Our Revolution Laundry kiosks must be serviced and cleaned on a weekly basis to ensure their functionality and durability.
Who is in charge of maintenance of the Revolution Laundry laundromats?
If you are an operator, our technicians will take care of all weekly maintenance.In case of sale or rental, you will be in charge of safety tests, refilling of consumables, etc.
What does the maintenance of Revolution Laundry laundromats consist of?
Maintenance of Revolution Laundry laundromats includes regulatory safety testing, refilling the detergent and fabric softener, emptying the money box and a quick cleaning of the kiosk. It takes about 30 minutes of maintenance.


What do I do if I am a vendor and one of my customers has a problem with a Revolution Laundry laundromat?
The customer service department for Revolution Laundry can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a dedicated telephone line at 09 70 82 32 47.
What do I do if I am a vendor and I face a technical problem?
If you are a Revolution Laundry partner, we have set up a 100% dedicated telephone line to quickly answer your technical questions about the proper functioning of our self-service machines. Call 09 70 82 32 45 (8 am – 8 pm, 7 days a week).