Revolution compact V3

Revolution Compact V3 is a self-service laundrette composed of 3 modules (a 20 kg washing machine, a 9 kg washing machine and a 20 kg dryer) in a space of less than 5m² for the general public. Designed in France, these kiosks are accessible 24 hours a day and also to people with reduced mobility. Equipped with solar panels as standard and ingenious solutions for lighting, this kiosk respects the environment and its energy consumption, resulting in a reduced environmental impact.


Outdoor kiosks, 100% self-service, 24/7

All our machines are professional and offer a large capacity (up to 20 kg). They are easy to access, installed in car parks in high-traffic areas (supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping centres, etc.) and comply with PMR standards, so they are accessible to all users.
Solar panels
Ecolabel detergent and softener to protect your customers' laundry
SMS alert to secure your customers' laundry
Ideal for cleaning large items up to 20kg
24/7 troubleshooting service
PRM access for full accessibility
Diversity of payment methods (contactless credit/debit card, Apple/Google Pay, etc.)
Fast, time-saving cycle
Marketing tools (promotional code, loyalty card)
Mobile application (available during 2022)

THE technical specifications

Width: 315 cm
Height: 295 cm
Depth: 225 cm
Weight: 1,700 kg

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Revolution Laundry offers a complete range of reliable, scalable equipment with different sizes for indoor and outdoor locations.


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