Are Wash ME laundrettes eco-friendly?

The LED lights in the laundrettes consume less energy than standard lighting. The detergent we recommend is highly concentrated and included in our machines. Certified eco-friendly (Ecolabel), it is phosphate-free, dye-free and preservative-free. What’s more, the built-in pumps inject the ideal amount of detergent and fabric softener for each wash to avoid wastage.

The new generation of Wash ME laundrettes incorporate two solar panels on the roof to generate our own solar electricity to power the machines, cash counter, etc. directly. These panels allow:

  • increased energy autonomy
  • reduced electricity consumption
  • reduced environmental impact
  • responding to a real demand of your customers.

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Are Wash ME laundrettes accessible to all?
Accessibility for people with reduced mobility has been taken into account from the very beginning of the design of the laundrettes. All the machines and control panels are at the regulatory height, thus reconciling aesthetics, design and standards for people of reduced height or in wheelchairs.
How do I find my nearest Wash ME laundrette?
Your customers can find their nearest Wash ME laundrette using the store locator on our website.
Where are Wash ME laundrettes located?
Our laundrettes are installed on a permanent basis in the car parks of supermarkets, shopping malls, petrol stations, campsites, etc., and are also installed temporarily during festivals, at long-term work sites, at tourist sites, etc.

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