What is Revolution Laundry’s position in the laundromat market?

The Revolution Laundry concept is the only ready-to-use mass production laundromat. Indeed, with over 5,000 laundromats installed, Revolution Laundry is the largest self-service laundromat operator in Europe and is one of the world leaders.

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What is Revolution Laundry?
Revolution Laundry is the brand name for the laundromat division of the ME Group (formerly the Photo-Me Group). The group was founded in 1958 and is based near London. The ME Group is recognised as a world leader in the vending industry.
Where are Revolution laundromats designed?
Revolution laundromats are designed near Grenoble, in our 15,000 m2 KIS French R&D centre. More than 100 men and women share the strategic and technical skills needed to design Revolution Laundry laundromats.
Where are Revolution Laundry laundromats located?
Our laundromats are installed on a permanent basis in the car parks of supermarkets, shopping malls, petrol stations, campsites, etc., and are also installed temporarily during festivals, at long-term work sites, at tourist sites, etc.

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